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Some myths of hair


 hair of women myth

There are many myths and facts on the internet. Every information you found on the internet might not be correct. You need to examine it carefully. Similarly, all the hair care tips present on the internet might not be suitable for you. You will find many do’s and don’ts on the internet. However, we will go deeply in this post regarding the myths of hair found on the internet.


Myth #1

The first myth is that if you trim your hair, your hair will grow longer and shiny. This is the most hype myth found on the internet. Why your hair doesn’t grow long after you trim it?


Because your hair growing capacity depends upon the follicles inside the pore. It will remain the same as it was present before you shave your hair. But what will happen is your hair tip become sharp after shaving or trimming it. Thus, most people think that it is as your hair is growing faster than ever before.


Myth #2

If you use the same shampoo over the longer time, it will not provide the positive result.

Common why this rumor is all over the internet and most people believed it what is written on the internet. The ingredients present in the shampoo are the same. The hair scalp produces the same oil before and after using the shampoo. How in the earth, the same shampoo won’t work. It will definitely work and if the same shampoo won’t work then another shampoo will not also work.


Myth #3:

If you brush your hair for the regular interval of time, it becomes soft and shiny. But it is not the fact. If you brush it in the more regular interval, your hair might get damaged. Because while you brush your hair, it produces friction. Thus, brushing it more than 100 times might damage the cuticle and cause hair breakage.


Myth #4:

If you use less amount of shampoo, your scalp will produce less oil

The fact is your shampoo has not any role in producing oil in your scalp. The shampoo helps to prevent unclogging of pores and purifies it. The oil-producing amount totally depends upon your scalp. So, don’t believe in this myth and don’t use more amount of shampoo. You need to use the balanced amount of shampoo.


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Myth #5:

You will grow a beard if you shave it

Girl thinks that if they shave their hair around their face, it will cause the growth of a beard which is totally wrong. It doesn’t help to grow a beard. However, it will make your skin smooth and softer.