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Make your hair Silky and shiny even after 40


When you reach the age of 40, life becomes a little bit complicated. Your health will not be the same as before. Even your children will leave you and they will settle on their own. You have to live by yourself taking care of your husband and yourself.


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As you know that, at that age, your life will not be the same as you are thinking right now. You will first realize the change through your hair and skin. You will sense the wrinkles around your face. Similarly, your hair begins to turn the color. If the color of your hair is black, it tends to turn into white.


It is an inevitable process. You cannot change it. However, you can maintain it to live a better life.

At that age, hair tends to fall. You will feel the baldness. In the case of the female, their root became weak and the thickness and the growing percentage decreases significantly. You will feel the dryness over your head. You will definitely feel miserable. However, you can make changes to these bad hairs. Have a confidence and make your hair good as ever before.


You can look beautiful even at the age of 40. You just need to take care of your hair. You need to use proper treatments and conditioner. Thus, in this post, we will discuss the best ways to make your hair silky even after 40.


  • One of the most important things is to avoid chemical ingredients product. You need to focus more on natural ingredients. Most problem of hair damage is due to dying. You use different dyer and is the major reason behind hair damage.


  • You need to take care of your locks. If you brush your hair without any care, it might cause your hair loss. You need to remember you are at your 40’s and you have to take care of it.
  • The food product is the major thing that changes your healthy life. If you are taking junk food, your life will become unproductive after the age of 40. Thus, you need to consume foods that contain more proteins and calories. It includes vegetables and green food products.


  • You need to be cautious from zinc and copper. It is the major cause of turning your hair into gray. Thus, while going to beach or after swimming, you need to wash it with clean water.


  • You will definitely feel tired and exhausted at that age. Thus, to prevent tiredness, you need to do exercise regularly. It maintains your blood flow level in your different parts of your body.


  • You need to careful to your locks. If not taking it in a positive way, it will damage your hair. You need to avoid blow dry. You need to dry your hair in more natural ways. You also need to focus on styling your hair which might not damage your locks.


  • If you are not getting a good result even after ingesting healthy food and doing some regular exercise, there are some products that make your hair thicker and grow longer. Minoxidil and procyanidin. These capsules help to grow your hair thicker and denser.


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